Embrace culture

Culture is one of the most valuable assets of any destination.

One of the unique characteristics of Manzanos is the ability to relocate to areas where demand is expected to increase.

We understand that we are a new element introduced to an existing environment; therefore, we do our best to reduce our impact and embrace the local culture and traditions as much as possible.

Hire locally

We do our best to hire as many local employees as possible for the duration of the project, providing skills and training that they will be able to use throughout their lives.

Culturally immersive

We coordinate the organization of seminars to get to know better the language, customs, and traditions.

Local Supplies

We prioritize local suppliers, introducing local traditions and techniques into our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Live like a local

We organize activities such as guided tours and immersive cultural activities to give our guests the full local experience - hosted by our local partners.

Hotel Manzanos

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